Thursday, 13 October 2011

Wildlife Crime: Ring 999!

A previous course participant emailed me about his fascinating brush with illegal hare coursing yesterday & I thought you'd be interested in the outcome!

Yesterday, on my return from an afternoon at Tophill, I came across 3 men "exercising" their lurcher dogs across the fields just outside Garton-on-the-Wold on the A166. I gave the police a call on 999. Later I got a return call to say that the police had apprehended the three, and that as they had been questioned earlier in the day in the Holderness area, they would be prosecuted.
The police women who spoke with me said that I had done the right thing in ringing 999 rather than ringing the local station, as that had allowed them to respond quickly and consider the use of the helicopter for a possible pursuit. She emphasised that Humberside Police take farm and wildlife crime very seriously, but need early involvement if they are to be successful in their work.
Given that this year's leverets are getting on to be full grown, there may be more of these "incidents", so you may want to pass on my recent experience to others.
Brown Hare


Marcus Conway said...


Well done you. Hopefully they will set the dogs on them.

northernloon said...

Useful to know. Like the new look to the blog btw