Monday, 3 October 2011

Svalbard Cruise

David Tasker from Tuesday mornings has been on a Svalbard cruise several times, and this has proved to be an excellent situation to take photographs of some species we don't see round here very often, if at all. As there are no pictures from today, I thought you may like to see them.

The Ivory Gull was taken near the kennels of some Huskies at Ny Aalesund, and most of the others were taken near Bear Island. The Polar Bear was taken near Magdelene Fjord. David has also seen Arctic Foxes in the same place, but didn't see them when he was on the cruise earlier this year.
All pics (c) 2011 David Tasker
Little Auk
Ivory Gull
Glaucous Gull
Barnacle Goose with Goslings
Fin Whale
Little Auks, Bridled Guillemot & Guillemot
Bruennich's Guillemot
Polar Bear


Maurice Gordon said...

Ivory Gull is striking. Generally Gulls are quite dull however rare or unusual. Did he see any armoured bears up there too?

Michael Flowers said...

I'll try & remember to ask him tomorrow