Friday, 7 October 2011

Birding in a Fissure

We were supposed to be birding on the edge of a cliff yesterday, but the winds were too strong, so we switched to a deep fissure a few miles away. The birds weren't brilliant & the fungi was almost non-existent (too dry), but we did have a few close encounters with a couple of species. Both groups encountered 10+ Red Admirals dividing their time by nectaring on a large clump of Ivy, & sunbathing nearby. Shortly after this in the pm the group had a very confiding Treecreeper which charmed them for several minutes. The equivalent in the am was a buck Roe Deer, which seemed pretty unconcerned by our attentions.

Both groups saw a Grey Seal bobbing in the sea, but only the am group enjoyed a decent glimpse of a Goldcrest - as you can see my camera didn't! A noisy Kestrel didn't allow its photograph to be taken, and some distant Gannets were way out of camera range, but the remainder of the sightings are summarised in the pictures below!

Red Admiral Nectaring on Ivy
& Sunbathing
Speckled Wood
Roe Deer [buck]
Grey Seal
Record shot of Goldcrest
Record Shot of Rock Pipit
Snails nestling in a crack in tree bark
Another Dead Guillemot

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