Monday, 19 September 2011

2012 Calendar Ready

Now Available for £8 (incl P & P) UK only
Below front cover
[Photos (c) 2011 Chris Cox (Little Owl), Vince Cowell (Badger) & Michael Flowers]
Below - January picture
[photos (c) 2011 Vince Cowell & Michael Flowers]
Discover where & when to see specific species
28 colour photographs
Nearly 300 lines of information & suggestions
Now revamped to include sites from all over Yorkshire
& more info on mammals & other wildlife

Below - June Picture
[(c) 2011 Chris Cox & Barry Warrington]
Featuring the photos of Vince Cowell, Chris Cox, Adam Drinkel, Luke Massey,
Dr. Paul Reed, Steve Rutt, Martin Standley, Barry Warrington & Jim Welford
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