Sunday, 25 September 2011

2012 Calendar Competition: Week 1

The May 2012 Calendar picture

There's always a little healthy competitive rivalry between my different classes. Sometimes an afternoon person will ask if the am group saw as wonderful a species as they'd just identified, or an am pupil will enquire if last week's afternoon's session was as good as the morning had been. In this spirit of friendly rivalry, here's the calendar sales results after the 1st full week of sales.
1. Wednesday morning - 11
2. Tuesday morning - 8
3. Thursday morning & Friday afternoon - 7
5. Friday morning - 6
6. Wednesday afternoon - 5
7. Tuesday afternoon & Thursday afternoon - 0
Grand Total - 44
So, if that sample is representative, it seems that the calendars are more popular with morning attendees, than afternoons. In fairness it should be pointed out that quite a lot of afternoon folks were on holiday last week, and there's plenty of time for them to catch-up!

More details of the calendar can be read by clicking on the picture in the top right-hand section of the blog

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