Friday, 27 November 2009

Two into One

Red-necked Phalarope (c) 2009 Vince Cowell
Bearded Tits
Bearded Tit
Ruff (c) 2009 Maurice Gordon
Willow Tit
Broadband didn’t seem to be working yesterday, so yesterday's & today’s sightings are amalgamated under the same entry. For once, we were at the same location for 2 consecutive days. Both Thurs sessions started well with the beardies showing clearly for all participants. The Red-necked Phalarope also performed for both sessions. Only the Bittern let things down with no showing after the reeds it had been using to conceal itself had been cut down. Other birds seen included a couple of Willow Tits, Redwings, Curlew, and Redshank. We were upstairs in one hide while a photographer downstairs snapped what he thought was a Wren, but it turned out to be a Cetti’s Warbler! Friday was almost completely different. The weather was better but the Bearded Tits weren’t seen between 8.45 am & 1.30pm. The Red-Necked Phalarope was seen by most, but not all participants, and we missed the Bittern by 10 minutes! Golden Plovers, Black-tailed Godwits and a very confiding Ruff were new birds added to the mix. It does look as the winter progresses that the Bearded Tits are becoming less reliable bankers!

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