Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Queen Fisher

Kingfisher (c) 2009 Mike Williamson
Kingfisher Kingfisher
Treecreeper (c) 2009 Mike Williamson
Long-tailed Tit (c) 2009 Mike Williamson
We were due to go to Potteric today, but the forecast was for too much rain for such a long journey, so we went to somewhere local with hides instead. The morning started well with plenty of Goldcrests, and then a Great Spotted Woodpecker and Treecreeper near an old wasps’ nest. Just after this a Woodcock flew up in front of us, but not everyone had a decent view. We went to a newish hide and had great views of a fishing Kingfisher in both morning and afternoon. 8 Siskins flew south over here, and c.80 Golden Plovers also flew south following the river. We carried on through the woodland, and as it petered out there was a flock of almost 20 Long-tailed Tits and with them was a silent, tail-dipping, black-legged Chiffchaff. On the return journey a Lesser Redpoll flew over the woodland heading north. We went to another hide near the car park, and got there just before a colossal downpour. Most people had never seen a Great Crested Grebe in flight before, but one after another flew from the right-side of the lake to the left to try & avoid the worst of the weather. We had great views of the bold white wing bars. There was a good selection of wildfowl with: Wigeon, Tufted Duck, Pochard, Shoveler, Gadwall, Ruddy Duck and Little Grebes. In the afternoons these birds were joined by a single drake Goldeneye. There were reports of a Redhead Smew there, but we didn’t see it, & yesterday a Black-necked Grebe was seen. In the afternoon we had a similar experience, but there were some good views of Bullfinches, and better sightings of the Treecreeper. Someone who spent all day at the site, ventured into the southern area, and had the best view of a Barn owl he’d ever enjoyed.

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