Thursday, 19 November 2009

Going Underground

Coal Tit
Record shot of a Goldcrest
Cream-spot Ladybird
Common Ink Cap
Shaggy Ink Caps - delicious, according to 2 of today's participants
Fairy Caps
Bracket Fungus
Sculptural Sycamore roots
What to do when confronted with allegedly gale force winds? - we did the equivalent of going underground. At least here we could find some passerine birds as the strong winds blew over the top of us. Gwyneth had the best view of a Treecreeper she'd ever seen. We saw several Bullfinches around the reserve in the morning, but had a fairly long wait at the feeding station. In the afternoon the Bullfinches couldn't be found in the reserve, but seconds after putting some seed on the table a Bullfinch flew into the Hawthorn bush just above me. These were the best views anyone had previously enjoyed of this species. Liz (pm) found a cracking (blue-headed) male Kestrel in habitat usually thought more suitable for Sparrowhawks. The Goldcrests were more confiding in the afternoon, and both sessions had great views of families of Long-tailed Tits. The Kingfisher we saw last time we visited was absent, probably because there was some conservation work going on around the pool. There was quite a lot of different species of fungi to be seen, and that's despite the lack of available mature trees. Hope the weather improves soon!

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