Monday, 11 May 2009

Spring even arriving at Spurn

Little Grebes
Spurn Linnet - knocks Allerthorpe Linnets for 6!
Smart Silver Plovers
(misleadingly called Grey Plovers in bird books!)
Record shot of Grey Plovers in flight
Turnstone in flight & in breeding colours
Record shot of Little Tern
Tufted Duck
Tufted in flight
Common Lizard
Wheatear on way back - surely one of the last of the spring season?
There were signs of spring at Spurn today, but in a very cold north-easterly wind. There was nothing unusual while I was there, but some decent birds & a reptile, nevertheless. Almost a week of easterly winds are forecast, and it is likely that some remarkable birds will turn up at Spurn in the next few days! Watch this space!

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