Sunday, 10 May 2009

Catching the Worm

Worm 1: Whitethroat
Worm 2: Sedge Warbler
ditto - one for Maggie!
Worm 3: Wheatear
Worm 4: Yellowhammer
Worm 5: Yellow Wagtail - on the wrong side of the road
On the right side of the track!
Common Seal
Grey Partridge
Record shot of Barn Owl
Record shot of Skylark
Record shot of Shelduck on hay bales!
I've had two early mornings looking for birds, to see if there's anything in this golden light theory some bird photographers mention. Yesterday, there was still rather a cold wind, and there was no sign of the target bird - Turtle Dove - but the Yellowhammer, and especially the Whitethroat were a nice compensation. This morning was better at a different location with several species viewed at very close quarters using the car as a hide. In addition to the softer light, it was also better with the road being quieter than normal, so I was able to get closer to some of the birds, before they are usually frightened off. Unfortunately, a passing car did frighten off the Wheatear, and it never returned.

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