Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Lockdown Youngsters

At the moment the garden is overrun with baby Great Tits (at least 6), many more Starlings, Blackbirds and Dunnocks.  The Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Long tailed Tits Wrens, and a second Blue Tit brood haven't fledged yet.                                                                
Great Tits
Youngster - Tongue Out - Demanding Food
 Tongue In
 Punishing - standing on back
 More demands
 Being Pathetic
 More Tongues
3 Baby Wrens - this afternoon
 Becomes 4 Baby Wrens - a little later
They're Out Elsewhere (c) 2020 Jane Robinson
 ditto - note bright gape
This morning - not an illusion
 On the Road - what is this doing at a location several miles from any running water?
Now, some birds from Wheldrake
Reed Bunting (c) 2020 Mike Hind
 Swallow (c) 2020 Mike Hind
 Whitethroat (c) 2020 Mike Hind
 Pied Wagtail (c) 2020 Mike Hind
 Another Fag Addict (c) 2020 Aileen Urquhart
 What a State (c) 2020 Aileen Urquhart 
Starlings (c) 2020 Jane Robinson
Lapwing (c) 2020 Jane Robinson
 Lapwing chick (c) 2020 Jane Robinson
 Shovelers (c) 2020 Jane Robinson
 Red-legged Partridges (c) 2020 Symon Fraser
 Willow Warbler (c) 2020 Symon Fraser
Female Large Alder Sawfly [Cimbex connatus] (c) 2020 Paul Green                                                    
Skimmer sp. [Keeled?]
Morel (c) 2020 Sue McCallum
 Young Newt? or? (c) 2020 Jane Robinson
Micro Moth

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