Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Before the Lockdown

On Friday we had an easterly wind at Bempton.  This had an effect on the birds as they struggled in the updraft from the sea.  At times they were suspended in the air right next to us as the top of the cliffs.  Sometimes the Gannets were just too close!
All photos (c) 2020 Jane Robinson 
 Puffins and Razorbill
 Puffin with sunlight catching its eye
 Puffin - note back all black

 Puffin and back end of flying Razorbill - note white either side of the length of Razorbill's body 
 Puffin - bill open
 Gannet - with nesting material
 Gannet - hanging in the air
 Love token?
 Tail spread
 Hanging in the air 
 Here's Looking at You Kid
 Superior Look
 Ruffled by the wind
 Wings spread

 More hanging in the air shots
 Hanging in the air
 Razorbill Pair
 Two's Company 
 Three's a Crowd
 Rock Dove/Feral Pigeon


PJ said...

Fantastic varied pics as ever Michael. Keep on clicking!

Kiran said...

Thank you, Michael, for these amazing still shots of the sea birds. Bempton is indeed a paradise for bird lovers. Nature truly helped you to get these shots of the Birds on the cliff. Winds of hard times strike on all of us, birds and humans. Need to be ready – to fly high again.