Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Fylingdales One-Off Special

Last Thursday we had a trip to Fylingdales Nature reserve, which belongs to the Hawk and Owl Trust, and today we repeated the experience.  The first was performed in broiling heat, while the second took place in overcast grey weather with a cool breeze, which stayed with us apart from in the depths of the valley.  Last Thursday we saw a beautiful male Stonechat and dozens of Meadow Pipits, and slightly fewer Skylarks.  Both sessions had an encounter with Lesser redpolls, but on neither occasion was a photograph forthcoming.  On Thursday the grass near the cars was full of burnet-moths, in today's gloom they were much harder to see, and some of those that had had lost their vibrant colours.

Things seen but not photographed included 2 Red Kites, a Kestrel and a few Swifts on the Thursday.  While today we didn't see any raptors apart from a Kestel, but we glimpsed a Lizard, and a dragonfly, which wasn't a Gold-ringed example.  
Meadow Pipit on the moors
 Empty Chrysalis Cases of Burnet-Moths (c) 2018 Jane Robinson
 Frenzy of burnet-Moths
Burnet-Moths (c) 2018 Jane Robinson
 Record shot of distant Male Stonechat (c) 2018 Jane Robinson
 Gold-Ringed Dragonfly (c) 2018 Jane Robinson
 White hybrid Common Spotted Orchid (c) 2018 Jane Robinson
White Hybrid Common Spotted Orchid (c) 2018 Dick Watson
 Linnet (c) 2018 Dick Watson
 Meadow Pipit
Silver-Y Moth (c) 2018 Dick Watson
Bog Asphodel
 Sundew (c) 2018 Dick Watson
On the Thursday session 2 of the Friday am members went on to Burton Riggs nature reserve, where they photographed some common species.
Pied Wagtail (c) 2018 Jane Robinson
 Dunnock (c) 2018 Jane Robinson
 Goslings (c) 2018 Jane Robinson
 Gosling and parent (c) 2018 Jane Robinson
 Common Blue Damselfly (c) 2018 Jane Robinson

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