Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Cooling Off

Yesterday evening a female Sparrowhawk was spotted in the garden standing in an old casserole dish.  She did eventually have a bath, but at first she seemed content to just stand in the water. Another quirk was that she kept throwing her head back and opening her bill to its full extent.  She remained in the garden for 10 mins, but we aren't certain how long she had been there before she was spotted.  Was she just cooling off?  But the standing with bill open only lasted fractions of seconds.  Most of the time the bill was closed.  Did she have food stuck in her throat which she was trying to dislodge?   Two years ago a male Sparrowhawk had a bath in the same container, and he is shown for comparison purposes.  Please note all photos are taken through double-glazing
Female Sparrowhawk
 Male Sparrowhawk from 2016 for comparison

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