Wednesday, 23 August 2017

More Holiday Snaps

I haven't exactly been inundated with holiday snaps since the previous tranche last month.  However, Dick from Thursday morning recently had a close encounter with a Barn Owl.  He was driving in North Yorkshire in the area towards Cleveland almost at midday, when he suddenly spotted it on a farm wall.  Its behaviour was a little strange as it permitted Dick to stop his car and then get an amazing set of snaps without it flying off.  The Barn Owl appears to have dried blood around its bill, and also its talons are caked in blood too.  The latter suggests it may have recently enjoyed a rather full meal, so this may have been the reason it stayed on the farmer's wall, rather than because it was unwell.  Certainly, there is no sign of other damage apart from the ruffled back feathers.  Had it survived a skirmish with a cat?   
All photos (c) 2017 Dick Watson 
Barn Owl

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