Wednesday, 30 August 2017

2018 Wildlife Calendar ready!

My new 2018 Yorkshire Wildlife Calendar is ready!
Little Owls (c) 2017 Ben Coneyworth
A unique feature of the calendar is that it includes 300+  lines of info of what wildlife to see, & when & where to see it.
Grey Wagtail (c) 2017 Mike Woods

My new 2018 Yorkshire Wildlife Calendar is hot off the press. It features photos of Little Owls, Hen Harrier, Lapwing, Puffins, Turnstone, Peregrine, Grey Wagtail, Bearded Tit, Wheatear, Woodcock, Great Spotted Woodpecker and Waxwings.  A Broad-Bodied Chaser dragonfly is the sole representative of non-avian wildlife.  
Hen Harrier
Broad-Bodied Chaser
All photos were taken in Yorkshire, quite a few of them during my birdwatching classes either by myself or people on my course incl: Ben Coneyworth, Tony Robinson and Mike Woods.  Cost £9.25 for 1 (incl P & P) to UK addresses only.  Cost £8 if collecting in person [2 calendars are £17.58, and 3 calendars are £26.14 by post]   
Woodcock (c) 2017 Tony Robinson

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