Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Wayside Waders

This afternoon I was testing out the new highly technological course vehicle, by using a well-known route down to Sunk Island. We were on our way there when we noticed hundred of gulls in a partially-flooded stubble field. Most of them were Black-headed Gulls, but there were also some pristine Common Gulls, and they were surrounded by large numbers of Rooks.  

Black-tailed Godwit
 Black-tailed Godwits
A little further on I was quite surprised to see a single small Ruff, plus some Black-tailed Godwits still with traces of breeding plumage, and then some smart Golden Plovers. When we opened the window, it was clear that there were also some Dunlin in the area. The light was a bit tricky, so we carried on and then approached from the other direction to make use of the better light. I had to pass my camera to my nephew, as from this direction the birds were on his side. Unfortunately, the birds were a little further off this time, but he did manage to snap a few godwits and the plovers. 
Golden Plover

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