Monday 6 July 2015

Tolkien's Hemlock Glade, Part 1

A Hemlock Glade, The Houses of Healing, Two Towers and a Beacon: Tolkien in East Yorkshire, Part 1

Please note the text explaining the latest findings about Tolkien and East Yorkshire may be read in my essay ‘Tolkien in East Yorkshire’ published in Something Has Gone Crack edited by Janet Brennan Croft & Annika Röttinger.

The Holderness Coastline - showing the Lost Towns of Holderness
from a book by T. Sheppard

Nineteenth-Century Map of some villages near Roos, showing Danthorpe (N of Burton Pidsea), Hilston (top right) & South Frodingham (bottom right) 

1 Bank Terrace, Hornsea
Blue Plaque on 1 Bank Terrace.  Note Jennie is the correct spelling, and she was Edith's cousin, not Tolkien's

An aerial photo of Hornsea looking north towards Bridlington Bay.  Note the flat surrounding countryside.  Photo (c) 2015 Tony Kirwan

Margaret Strickland-Constable (nee Pakenham) several years before 1917

A British De Havilland DH6 plane on the beach at Hornsea taken in c.1918

(to be continued)
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My thanks to John Garth and Phil Mathison with whom I was able to consult on various aspects of my research while I was writing this paper.

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