Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Menorca in June

Most years Tony Robinson misses 2 weeks of the course, as he visits Menorca in either May or June. Here are this year's photographs from June.  Some of these species can occasionally be seen in Yorkshire, but most of them are rare vagrants here. Sightings of Ospreys are increasing as this bird continues to enjoy breeding success in the UK.  I've been lucky enough to see a Woodchat Shrike at Spurn, after it was released after being ringed.  I found my own Yorkshire Nightingale at Spurn on 21st April 2008.  You can see those photographs here.    It's a couple of years now since we saw a Yorkshire Cattle Egret at Tophill Low, those pictures may be viewed here.  Whether we'll ever see a Sardinian Warbler or Egyptian Vulture seems unlikely, but is something we'll only discover in the future.  
All photographs (c) 2014 Tony Robinson
Woodchat Shrike
 Sardinian Warbler
 Continental Stonechat
 Egyptian Vulture
 Immature Egyptian Vulture
 Cattle Egret
 Female Copper Demoiselle
 Male Copper Demoiselle
 Egyptian Grasshopper
 Clouded Yellow

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