Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Dodging Lightning Bolts!

Yesterday was the final Tuesday session of the Summer term, and our last visit to the wolds until November.  We were punished for our infidelity to the wolds by rumbling thunder for the last hour, plus some nearby lightning flashes.  This started in the most exposed of locations, but luckily, we all got back to our cars safely, and the worst of the rain didn't start until we were on our long drive back.  We arrived in mist, so some things were absent, such as the Redstarts, but we did manage a fairly eclectic mix of butterflies and interesting bird species.
Immature Great Spotted Woodpecker
Spotted Flycatcher
Immature Great Spotted Woodpecker
GSW (c) 2014 Maggie Bruce
Chiffchaff (c) 2014 Maggie Bruce
Immature Willow Warbler
Goldcrest (c) 2014 Maggie Bruce
Immature Swallows (c) 2014 Maggie Bruce
Marbled White(c) 2014 Maggie Bruce
Marbled White
Dying Thistle Broomrape (c) 2014 Maggie Bruce
Ditch Elm Beetle Tunnels 
Ditto (c) 2014 Maggie Bruce
White-lipped Snail [Thanks to Barry Warrington]

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