Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Prince of Whales

Last week saw an unprecedented event off the Yorkshire coast - the presence of at least 9 Minke Whales and a Sei Whale to the north of Filey Brigg.  They seemed to have been attracted by a very generous food source - perhaps an abundance of Sand eels.  Unfortunately, I was booked to go away, so I missed them.  When I belatedly went looking for them yesterday they hadn't been spotted for a couple of days.  However, Tuesday am stalwart David Tasker went for them on the best day, last Friday, and managed these pictures of a whale surfacing and scattering some Auks.

Also included are David's photos of a Black-throated Diver he was lucky enough to photograph on a recent trip to Scotland.

All photos (c) 2013 David Tasker
Minke Whale
 Black-throated Diver

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