Monday, 29 July 2013

2014 Calendar is Ready!

[Front cover featuring Red Backed-Shrike (c) Andy Hood & Kestrel (c) 2013 Chris Cox]

A unique feature of the calendar is that it includes 300+ lines of info of what wildlife to see, & when & where to see it 

My new 2014 Yorkshire Wildlife Calendar is hot off the press.  Featuring stunning photos of Kingfisher, Red Squirrel, Long-eared Owl, Firecrest, Wryneck, Jay, Crossbill, Yellowhammer, Black-necked Grebe, Red-backed Shrike, Stoat, Kestrel, Stonechat, Yellow Wagtail, Long-tailed Tit & Foxes in the snow.  All photos taken within the old Yorkshire boundary by top-notch local photographers incl: Dave Bowes, Maggie Bruce, Vince Cowell, Chris Cox, Andy Hood, Dave Mansell, Mike Robinson.  Cost £9 (incl P & P) to UK addresses only.  Cost £8 if collecting in person  

These are lower resolution pictures.  The higher resolution images can only be seen on the actual calendars

 Kingfisher (c) 2013 Vince Cowell
 Red Squirrel (c) 2013 Vince Cowell
 Yellow Wagtail (c) 2013 Michael Flowers
 Firecrest (c) 2013 Mike Robinson
 Long-eared Owl (c) 2013 Richard Willison


Priscilla said...

This is cool!

Paul shakesby said...

Yes please!