Monday, 8 April 2013

A Brace of Woodcock

Some people on the course have a bird they've always wanted to encounter. Chris always wanted to see a Kingfisher and now he has. Margaret wanted to see a Woodcock, and now she has. Jim always wanted to see a Lesser-Spotted Woodpecker, and I took him somewhere where this dream came true. Gordon always wants to see Nuthatches, and we found a new place for him to see them. I always wanted to see a Roller in the UK, and now I have!  If you have a reasonable bogey-bird, I will do my best to fulfil your birding expectations!

A Brace in the Open (more or less)
 A More Typical View of Woodcock

Bruce also wants to see a Woodcock, and if goes to Tophill tomorrow, he may just do that. These 2 birds seemed very cosy, and one even seemed to puff itself up and display to the other. I would have expected this brace to have been bound for Siberia or some other far flung location, but does this courtship indicate they may be local birds?

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