Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Stoatally Speechless

 We had another day at Hornsea.  It was a bit misty at first, but the day improved.  There were a lot more small birds in the woodland than a fortnight ago.  We had excellent views of Great Spotted Woodpeckers and Treecreepers in the morning, with an even better view of a Treecreeper after lunch.  However, the 'bird' of the day was a Stoat, which was hunting a small rodent right along the edge of Hornsea Mere.

All remaining pics (c) 2013 Maggie Bruce
Great Crested Grebe
 Mute Swan
 A Friday Unmentionable
 Canada Geese
 Common Gull
 Record Shot of a Great Spotted Woodpecker
 The Lowest of the Low - a Female Friday Unmentionable
 Oystercatchers and Black-headed Gulls

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