Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Between Blizzards

It was too windy, cold and snowy for Hornsea today, so we relocated to Tophill Low.  We followed the same route as the visit last Thursday, but it was more difficult to view the birds, especially when some blizzards seemed to last half an hour.  However, when the snow stopped the sun came out, which certainly didn't happen last week which was another grey, grey, grey week.  The courting Goldeneyes looked especially fine in the glorious sunshine.  After the longest blizzard had just concluded we were sitting in the hide overlooking Watton Borrow Pits when a Barn flew slowly past at our eye level.  it looked extraordinarily creamy against the completely white background.  Unfortunately, all 3 photographers has put their cameras under cover when it started snowing, and hadn't retrieved them when the Owl glided by.

The most unusual bird seen was a Little Egret, but this couldn't compare with an immature Osprey, which had been seen recently at the north end of the reserve sitting on a Barn Owl box.   

 Blizzard with Tufted Duck
 Blizzard with Canada Geese
Defeated - Pheasant running from another male
 Footprint of a Small Mustelid
 Goldcrest (c) 2013 Tony Robinson
 Male Sparrowhawk (c) 2013 Tony Robinson
 Phragmites Reeds in the Snow (c) 2013 Aileen Urquhart
 Long-tailed Tit (c) 2013 Aileen Urquhart
 Record Shot of Blue Tit (c) 2013 Aileen Urquhart

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