Friday, 15 February 2013

Owl's About That?

This morning I was checking out another brand new venue we will be visiting after Easter.  As we were driving on the main road out of Pocklington I spotted a small, distinctive figure on a law branch just over the road and above the hedge on the passenger side.  I slowed down & my nephew was able to get a great view of a Little Owl.  

I drove on to the next junction, and retrieved the camera from the boot, and turned round again went past the tree again, and finally turned round in the nearest drive.  We wound the window down well before the owl's tree, checked there was no one behind us on the road and slowed down and stopped just beyond the tree.  I had to pass the camera over to my nephew who fired off 50 shots into the tree behind him.  Many of the pictures failed to include the Owl's feet, but some of the later pictures included the whole bird, so although I found this bird, the copyright belongs to my nephew.  For some reason he thinks the photo is good enough for my 2014 calendar.  What do you think?
Little Owl (c) 2013  Ben Coneyworth

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The Farne Islands said...

Totally agree. Cracking picture