Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A Repeat with Changes

If I thought the traffic was bad on Thursday, it was even worse yesterday.  It took over 45 mins to get through the whole of the traffic around Hull, so I needed to put a spurt on to get to Potteric Carr in time.  Maggie had the same problem, plus her fuel light came on, so she had to make a detour to fill up.  We waited for quite some time, but then had to set off.  

Apart from Long-tailed Tits with their accompanying acolytes there were few small birds about until we reached the feeding station.  The Willow Tits were much easier to see than they had been on Thursday.

Mother Drain was very cloudy so there was no sign of the Kingfisher, though it has returned for the pm class as they were on their way out.

We saw 4 Herons, and assorted duck species at Duchess hide, but we were thwarted from entering Piper Marsh by a gaggle of big lenses.  The same thing happened when we tried to enter Childers Marsh hide, but this time it was another group in there.  On the return journey we did locate some Siskins and Treecreepers, and Maggie was surprised to find that she'd photographed a Redpoll.

For the afternoon group Pat and June arrived early for lunch in the cafe.  On their walk they spotted a white creature flitting through the tangled undergrowth - it was a Stoat in ermine - the best sighting of the whole day.
All photographs (c) 2013 Maggie Bruce
 Siskin [male]
 Lesser Redpoll
 Lesser Redpoll
 Great Tit
 Reed Buntings & Chaffinches
 Mute Swans

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