Monday, 20 February 2012

Lulu in Full Voice

Checked out a Woodlark venue today, but didn't really hold out a lot of hope - especially after the recent cold snap. As soon as I opened the car door, I could hear one singing, and then saw a pair in flight. Woodlark are one of the finest songsters we have in the UK, so it was really uplifting to hear them, and a sign that spring is almost here. They landed on a nearby bank, so were easy to photograph from a distance. I heard another 2 singing birds, but it soon clouded over, and when the drizzle started the birds went quiet.

Another early sign of spring was the Chiffchaff in the garden on Saturday & Sunday. There is almost light at the end of the very long tunnel, which has been Winter 2011/2012!!!



James said...

I do like a Woodlark. I might have to check out a few sites myself.

Michael Flowers said...

I'll never forget finding my 1st Woodlark before i knew they were back in the area & had a really special encounter, as it sang from an Oak tree directly above my head.

I'm going to a different location today with my only classes, but may encounter them again