Sunday, 5 February 2012

Before the Main Snowfall

On Friday all but one class participant made it to Tophill Low, but the Hornsea 'lads' had to fight their way through 3 inch snow drifts before getting there. Things were so bad in Hornsea, they even thought the session would be cancelled, but there was no snow around Beverley & only a covering elsewhere away from the coast.

In all we saw more than 40 species. The Pintail & Smew were new to some, but most of the other birds had been seen before. Unfortunately, the Cattle Egret was no longer a voluntary prisoner in the compound, so that remained unseen.

A very annoying microlight kept flying low over O reservoir & disturbing all the ducks. It is to be hoped this doesn't continue in really cold weather when the birds will have lower energy levels, and can do without being deprived of much needed feeding time by senseless joyriders.

A male Tawny owl hooting at lunch time near the Visitor Centre was a surprise, but the varied birdsong was pretty much as expected in the glorious sunlight. There was even an amateur attempt by a Chaffinch attempting the central trill of what will soon be its complete rollicking song.

The bad weather has caused unusual behaviour in some birds, and I'm hoping to include a blog soon with a round-up of some of these.

Smew [Redhead]
Goldeneye [female]
Goldeneye [drake]
Pintail - with B.O.
Reed Bunting [female]
Mute Swan
Long-tailed Tit
Roe Deer
Remains of 'Mackerel' Sky
Persistent Microlight - disturbing Reservoir Birds - again

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Caroline Gill said...

Some stunning shots. I would love to see a Goldcrest, but think we will have Firecrests not too far away in our new Suffolk neck of the woods.