Saturday, 30 April 2011

Putting the Royal Wedding in the Shade

The initial view - surely more than a silvery-winged Blackbird? Ring Ouzel

On the way to a drink

Just before a bath!

The other week I thought a Reed Warbler was rather an unusual and exciting bird to get in an urban garden, but yesterday evening's bird easily eclipsed the Reed Warbler. At first I thought we had an unusually silvery-winged Blackbird in the garden, but then I caught sight of a white mark just visible on its side, and I could hardly believe my eyes. Sure enough it turned round and the full white crescent was visible. This stunning male stayed at least 15 minutes when it was seen to pick up bits of the fat slab from the grass dropped by other birds on the feeding station, then it had a drink from the font, and even had a bath. It allowed me to approach the glass windows, and seemed less nervous than our Song Thrush, but there were no Blackbirds present at the time, which would probably have shortened its stay. After its snack and its ablutions it disappeared, never to be sighted again. One of the best birding delights of the year so far - and all seen from the comfort of the living room - who would have thought it?

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hockeyboy150 said...

A cracking garden tick, if you were into ticks that is;-)