Saturday, 2 April 2011

Countryfile Snakes

Grass Snake

Grass Snake 2 Grass Snakes
Grass Snake
Adder about to Slough its Skin
Male Adder
A pair of Adders
Pair of Adders
The 2 Adders' tails & a 'fat' body of female
BBC Countryfile this Sunday should be featuring Adders filmed at one of our local sites, so I went to photograph them before the place was swamped with viewers trying to find them. There were at least 3 Adders on display in one small area. A pair were just laying on each other in a casual way, but on a second visit the snakes were all separate from each other. Meanwhile at another location, which also has Adders there were at least 5 Grass Snakes, but these were much harder to photograph. I was able to approach them carefully a few times to rattle off a few shots, but the Grass Snakes were much more wary than the calmly basking Adders. Also at the Grass Snake location was a confiding Woodlark singing by the side of a road on a tree stump - that's the closest I've ever been to this species which is most often glimpsed performing one of its songflights, when you can hear its melodious liquid song at its best.

During the Countryfile programme the intention was that Julia Bradbury had breakfast at Robert Fuller's Gallery so she could see the Kestrel which visits his garden. In addition to the snakes Robert showed the film crew some local Hares & tried to get them a chance to film a Barn Owl, and the wildlife around one of his favourite rivers. Meanwhile Matt Baker went to RSPB Bempton where he spoke to Steve Race & saw the spectacular seabirds both there & around Flamborough Head!


Chris Cox said...

Great pics if not a little creepy.

Michael Flowers said...

Thanks for the comments. It is a good time of year to try & catch up with both snake species