Friday, 4 February 2011

Bullfinch Stroking

Bullfinch - notice a single red feather on each side of the back of this male
A bit of aggression
Bullfinch [female]
ditto - notice similarity of bill to Rod Hull's Emu!
Redpoll [above & below] (c) 2011 Jackie Dawson
Blue Tit
Great Tit [above]
Coal Tit [below]
Kestrel [female]
Record pic of Goldcrest
Record pic of Treecreeper
Yesterday I was faced with a dilemma when the forecast gave out very strong winds for today. Should I cancel the session completel, conduct an indoor session, or try & find a venue when the effect of the strong winds would be minimized? I therefore switched the venue to the only underground venue in East Yorkshire. Luckily, this decision was vindicated when both sessions enjoyed amazingly close views of Bullfinches. There were at least 4 males and 3 females. We also had close views of Treecreepers (pair), Goldcrests, Long-tailed, Great, Blue and Coal Tits, Chaffinches & Robins. The female Kestrel was less expected, as were the 16 Siskins flying over. The light caught the tail of a Magpie & none of the onlookers had ever seen that particular shade of green before. Twitchers have been known to refer to beginner birdwatchers who only watch birds on their bird tables from their windows as Robin Strokers, so today's group could be classed as Bullfinch Strokers! Meanwhile, erstwhile class member Jackie Dawson had really close views of redpolls in her garden, so now she may be known as a Redpoll stroker!


hockeyboy150 said...

What is your opinion on the probability of the Redpolls being Mealy. The lower one looks quite pale and frosty looking. Or is it the same bird with different light?

Michael Flowers said...

I think they are of different birds. I did wonder about the possibility, but didn't want to commit myself one way or the other!