Wednesday, 29 September 2010

7-Year Flamborough High!

Ring Ouzel - not even a record shot - apart from the Dotterel the worst photo on this blog in 2 years!
Juvenile Chiffchaff
Kestrel on the old Flamborough Lighthouse
Flock of Wigeon
Yesterday saw our best visit to Flamborough in 7 years of trying. it almost made the long journey & attempting to cope with the 2 mph drivers worthwhile! We normally go for a very long circular walk along the headland, but there was no need to do that. We only walked along the length of a quarter-of-a-mile hawthorn hedge & examined a small sycamore plantation. An early highlight was provided by a pair of unleashed Alsatians. They flushed a group of what looked like Blackbirds from the bottom of the hedge, but they turned out to be 5 Ring Ouzels - the 1st of this species we'd seen in 7 years. They settled distantly in some bushes on the Flamborough approach road, and everyone was able to observe them - although one member's eyes couldn't make out the white crescent. One Ring Ouzel remained in the area during the afternoon, allowing the pm group the same privilege, but this time it was among a group of Redwing. The hedge yielded 3 Wheatear, a Whinchat, and several Redstarts and juvenile Chiffchaffs, whilst a Yellow-Browed Warbler was heard in Old Fall Plantation. The afernoon was pretty much a rerun of the morning, but the Wheatear were see near the Golf Club entrance, and there were fewer of the other birds. One highlight was provided by a determined female Sparrowhawk, which made several attempts to penetrate a thick hedge in which a passerine had taken cover. Despite her best efforts she left without her prey, and she failed to spot a Redstart, which was a sitting duck on the top of the hedge, plus the ring Ouzels feeding on the ground nearby. The amazingly confiding Golcrests, which fed only a matter of inches from the class were another joy of the afternoon session. Although we didn't see a great number of species, what we did see were quality views of birds we don't often encounter on the course. Flamborough may just stay on the list of venues to visit each Autumn.


Little Brown Job said...

Cracking Goldcrest images Michael.

Michael Flowers said...

Thanks, I couldn't believe how close they were - I've already encountered more on the coast this Sept than during the whole of last Autumn!