Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Red[start] - Letter Day

Redstart [pic from last year]
Really, really Goldcrest
Willow Warbler
Record shot of Blackcap
Orange-Tip [male]
Orange-Tip [male]
Orange-Tip [underside of male]
This was our first ever visit to our start location. Unfortunately, there were very few signs of Spring here, so we shared cars to a nearby venue were there some stirrings of Spring. On the morning drive we saw several Red-legged Partridges, Linnets, and a Meadow Pipit; whilst the afternoon crowd saw a Peregrine. Walking from the car park there were no Linnets or Yellowhammers because of the strong winds, but once the wind dies down both groups heard & saw 3 singing Willow Warblers. In the valley bottom itself everyone enjoyed good views of a singing male Redstart, which was a "lifer" for some participants. Down here we saw singing Blackcaps & Chiffchaffs. Again the former was a "lifer" for some, and for others it gave the best views some people had ever had. A Kestrel was hovering in the valley during the afternoon; whilst in the morning a Buzzard was soaring on a thermal. A couple of lone Swallows showed that summer had yet to arrive. We enjoyed some excellent views of a few birds which are normally quite hard to see, whilst at lunch we enjoyed close views of some excellent art work.

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