Thursday, 15 April 2010

Nutwood, Raywell

All pics today from the archives - too overcast for pics
Red-legged Partridge (c) 2010 Andrew Silcock
Goldcrest Marsh Tit
Blackcap (female)
Today was the only visit to this pleasant location this year. It was still in the grip of winter with only marginal evidence of spring. The overcast conditions and bitingly cold winds today didn't help. I'm beginning to wonder if it was a mistake on Sunday to mothball my thermals until November! For the past 3 years the Bluebells were in full bloom at this time of year, but only a couple looked almost ready to bloom this time. The encroaching Wild Garlic has a virtual stranglehold on this site now, and really needs tackling - come on Woodland Trust! However, the Wood Anenomes put on a fine display. Despite the very chilly weather a pair of Blackcaps showed well for the morning group and a male performed at the opposite side of the wood in the afternoon. The Chiffchaff appeared in the afternoon, while a Treecreeper showed both sides of lunch time. The sun started to break through in the afternoon, which is when a Marsh Tit sang away, and was seen partly obscured by twigs. An elusive Goldcrest also put in an appearance. The Linnet & Yellowhammer were only seen well in the morning. A Buzzard at lunch time being mobbed by 2 crows was the only raptor seen. A Red-legged Partridge gave its vocal impression of a sream train or a chicen being strangled both morning & afternoon, & we also heard a Grey Partridge. The new recruits, including the lady from Leeds enjoyed their first outings; whilst David had 2 "lifers" - the Treeceeper & the Blackcap. I nearly forgot, Carole also had the best view of a Skylark she's ever seen! She also learned that someone she may have taught at primary school is now one of the world's leading experts on Marsh Tits! It's a small world!

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