Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Winter Term - Wednesday 4 - Tophill Low

Orange Morph Great Spotted Woodpecker (c) 2009 Pat Crofton
Treecreeper (c) 2009 Michael Flowers ditto
Great Crested Grebe (c) 2009 Michael Flowers
Song Thrush (c) 2009 Aileen Urquhart
Orange Morph Great Spotted Woodpecker (c) 2009 Aileen Urquhart
The long winding road to THL was very treacherous this morning, but everyone negotiated it safely - depite a fox running in front of Susan & Michael. Watton Borrow Pits was frozen over this morning, as were most of the marshes, so the best wildfowl tended to be on the large reservoirs. The best of these was the pair of Pintail on 'O' reservoir & some displaying Goldeneye. We spent some time in the visitor centre trying to track down last week's confiding Woodcock, but the layer of snow put paid to that. Funny there's no snow elsewhere locally, just in the exact place you don't want any! 2 Bramblings performed underneath the feeders & some of this morning's group saw some some Siskins here. A bonus for the morning group was the sunbathing Barn Owl in a larch south west of 'O' reservoir. We owe the best sighting in the afternoon to James Spencer (aka YBF's 'Hotspur') who told us where to find a small flock of Siskin. Although they had moved slightly to trees behind the bat boxes we probably wouldn't have located them without his help - cheers James! I owe you one!

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