Friday, 13 February 2009

Drunk & Disorderly - a Tale of an Unreformed Alcoholic!

There were no photographs from today's session, so I'm featuring some kindly sent to me in the past week!
This close-up view of a Fieldfare may seem rather strange, and almost ashamed of itself (& well it might) sat in a fork of this garden cherry tree. Why is it there? On Sunday it was found lying in the middle of a Kirk Ella road. Had it been hit by a car? No, it kept falling over, and almost appeared to be drunk! It was carefully placed in the finder's garden, and when it began to recover it flew into the tree, hence the picture. It remained there a while, but eventually flew off. What had happened to it? I suggested it may have been feeding on rotten apples, which had been fermenting, and therefore it was actually over the limit! This may seem to be a trifle far-fetched, but a neighbour has come forward with the remaining photographs. These show a Fieldfare gorging on rotten apples, case proved, QED!!!! My thanks to both photographers for donating their pics!

Fieldfare (c) 2009 Nigel Ward
Fieldfare (c) 2009 Mike Robinson
Fieldfare (c) 2009 Mike Robinson
Fieldfare (c) 2009 Mike Robinson
Winter Term - Friday 5 - North Cave Wetlands
There was quite a lot of snow and ice remaining this afternoon at North Cave Wetlands, so no sign of the usual highlight: the Green Woodpecker. The group had to make do with a Barn Owl which kept them entertained for nearly 30 mins hunting between Reedbed Lake & Far Lake. Not a bird I've been lucky enough to see at this location before!


Marcus Conway said...

That's a great story Michael. I wonder if they have hangovers too?

Michael Flowers said...

Cheers Marcus, I have heard of this phenomenon before, but thought it was a bit of an urban (or should that be rural?) myth