Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Autumn Tuesday 5 - Reedbed Wildlife

Bearded Tits (c) 2007 Maurice Gordon
Common Darter
Cormorants in harsh light
The birds of the day were definitely the Bearded Tits, which showed for about 2 seconds in front of the main hide, but their "pinging" calls could be heard for much longer. It was fairly windy, so I was surprised we saw them at all. However, 10 were seen across the river at Welton Water a few days ago, so they seem to be in the area. Also seen Kingfisher (am), 8 Snipe (pm) 1 Redpoll (am), 7 Siskin (pm), and all the usual water birds. There was no sign of the Osprey seen at this location on Monday!

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