Monday, 2 June 2008

Spurn after the Rush

Grey-Headed Wagtail

Wheatear [Sammy's Point]

Garden Tiger Moth Caterpillar
Linnet [Sammy's Point]
Corn Bunting [Sunk Island]
I thought I'd try Spurn out on my only free day during the week. It has been very busy from last Tuesday when there was a large influx of late Spring migrants. The highlight was the song of a Golden Oriole, which after about 10 minutes did a fly past. I was too busy admiring it through my binoculars to attempt a photo. I was also present at the point when a sub-species of the Yellow Wagtail was caught and measured. It wasn't a clear-cut case, but was believed to be a first year male Grey-Headed Wagtail. These are normally found in Scandinavia, and are fairly rare in the UK. I checked Sammy's Point on the return journey, and found an obliging Wheatear, but couldn't locate the female Red-Backed Shrike or the Cuckoos reported in the area. The Corn Bunting (my 1st this year) was on the telegraph lines in its old spot on the telegraph lines at Sunk Island.

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