Thursday, 29 October 2020

Half-Term Catch-Up

On Wednesday, although it was half term we caught up with a cancelled session at Alkborough Flats.  It was quite windy, which isn’t exactly conducive to easy views of Bearded Tits.  Again we went on the new semi-circular horseshoe walk.  It was much more autumnal than the other visits.  We saw a Marsh Harrier after lunch, plus Little Egrets, Shoveler, Teal, Gadwall, Ruff and Redshank.  Standing outside the hide we saw a pair of Bearded Tits fly left beautifully lit by the morning sun.  Both groups encountered Stonechats, some of them very colourful males.   
Red-legged Partridge 
Stonechat (c) 2020 Hugh Wood
Female Stonechat (c) 2020 Tony Robinson
Stonechat (c) 2020 Tony Robinson
Black Swan & Mute Swan
Immature Mute Swan & Black Swan
Black Swan & Immature Mute Swan (c) 2020 Hugh Wood
Golden Plovers & a Lapwing
Record Shot of Teal (c) 2020 Hugh Wood
Record shot of Greylag Geese (c) 2020 Hugh Wood
Greylag Goose (c) 2020 Tony Robinson
Record shot of Distant Barnacle Geese
Some of the Wednesday crew went on to Far Ings in the afternoon.  They had a brief glimpse of a Bittern.  
Little Egret (c) 2020 Tony Robinson
Record Shot of Bittern (c) 2020 Tony Robinson
Meanwhile back in Nafferton, a dazzling visitor put in an appearance recently. 
Mandarin (c) 2020 Tony Robinson

Sheep - it managed to recover itself!


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