Friday, 11 September 2020

Catching up with the Wryneck

Last week some of the Wednesday crew went to Kilnsea to catch up with the Wryneck.  It's the same bird I saw on the Monday, but it was obviously more active.  There were some nice waders around too.
Wryneck (c) 2020 Tony Robinson
 Wood Sandpiper (c) 2020 Tony Robinson
 Dunlin (c) 2020 Tony Robinson
Meadow Pipit (c) 2020 Tony Robinson
It's been a tough week trying to come to terms with re-planning the Autumn Term after the announcement of unnecessarily Draconian rules for outdoor groups.  However, one bright spot came when a firm asked for some landscape and habitat photos for a new book.  These are the selections I sent them, but I've no idea which if any, they may use.
High Tide Sunset at Paull
 Poppies near Kiplingcotes
Sunflowers at Keyingham 
 Alkborough Flats from Julian's Bower
 Stone Creek at Low Tide
 Humber Estuary
 Barley Field near Sunk Island
 Hedgerow at Kiplingcotes
 Hay bales near Sunk Island
 Wharram Percy
 Golden Plovers at Paull
 Canal Scrape at Kilnsea
 At home - gardens or parkland
 Humber Saltmarsh at Kilnsea
 The beach at Spurn
 Flamborough Cliffs
 Bluebells at North Cliffe Woods
Cow Parsley under Trees 

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