Monday, 12 August 2019

A 2020 Visit to Tolkien's Hemlock Glade

Have you always wanted to see where Edith danced for Tolkien - almost 103 years to the day?  I'm taking advantage of the momentum from Tolkien2019 and will be leading a guided tour around Roos and all the East Yorkshire locations with a known Tolkien connection on Saturday 30th May 2020. I will be helped by fellow members of the Eastfarthing smial. We will be stopping off at Brooklands Officers' Hospital in Hull, Hornsea, Roos, Halsham, Thirtle Bridge, Withernsea, Easington & Kilnsea. All my latest findings will be imparted, and I intend to pepper my talk with readings from JRRT's works either inspired by the actual venues, or written whilst he was hospitalised in the area. 
The Former Brooklands Officers' Hospital
We will stop off at the Withernsea Lighthouse Museum where you will be able to visit the small Tolkien-related exhibition. The £2.50 entrance fee also permits a visit to the top of the 170 ft Lighthouse from where you may view Edith's lodgings. An exhibition to the 50's film star Kay Kendall is also at the lighthouse. A cafe and toilets is also available there, as well as several other venues on the route. 
Withernsea Lighthouse - very close to where Edith lodged

Uniquely, we will travel in convoy (sharing cars) and keep in touch using the modern equivalent of Tolkien as the Signalling Officer - walkie talkies! No longer than 30 minutes will be spent in cars between each venue.  However, if enough people book in advance we may be able to consider booking a minibus.
Kilnsea Acoustic Dish (1916/1917) - which would have been understood and possibly utilised by the Regimental Signalling Officer!

More specific information will become available nearer the time. If you are interested, please reply to this post, to give me an idea of the numbers. I'm thinking of 30 as a maximum, but at least 5 people must be interested in the event for it to be worth going ahead.  You may also send me an email to the address at the top of this page, please mention Hemlock Tour 30th May.

If you would prefer the following day, please let me know.

At the moment this event is only open to Tolkien Society members. I'm thinking of a nominal charge of £5, and then once my modest costs are covered anything over that will be donated to the Tolkien Society.

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