Thursday, 11 January 2018

Before the Classes Resumed

On Monday afternoon leaving Ottringham I noticed a male Hen Harrier following lines of rough grass along the edges of various ditches.  It was possible to work out where it was heading and drive ahead and then wait for it to fly towards the car.  Unfortunately, 2 different white van men chose to roar past at these moments, which alarmed the Harrier.  I probably had the bird in view for over 3 miles in total.  The weather conditions were rather grey, but it is possible to see it is not a fully mature individual, as brown flecking may be seen on the trailing edge of the wing and on the bird's back above the rump.  It may well be a second-winter male.
All photos are record shots taken in dark conditions
Hen Harrier

2 miles away from the Harrier, but several weeks earlier
Barn Owl
Before Christmas we had a male Brambling in the garden.  The female is still present but he was only present to be photographed on a single day.  
Male Brambling

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