Sunday, 8 October 2017

Photogenic Friday First Again

Friday had the best weather of the week, so it also give the best photo opportunities.  of course he helped that there were some photogenic birds to look at and photograph.
Bearded Reedling
 Bearded Tit (c) 2017 Jane Robinson
 Bearded Tits in Flight (c) 2017 Jane Robinson
 Male Bearded Tit [MJF]
 Female Bearded Tit
 Female Bearded Tit (c) 2017 Jane Robinson
 Male Stonechat
 Male Stonechat (c) 2017 Jane Robinson
 Female Stonechat
 Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane, Is it a Goldcrest?
 Reed Bunting (c) 2017 Jane Robinson
 Reed Bunting & Female Stonechat
 Female Reed Bunting
 Little Egret
 Marsh Harrier
 Marsh Harrier (c) 2017 Jane Robinson
 Curlew (c) 2017 Jane Robinson
On Thursday it was far too windy for the planned location, so we had to make do with North Cave Wetlands.  There were 2 lifers for most afternoon people, and one for am attendees.  
Great White Egret (c) 2017 Margaret Richardson
 Record shot of GWE (c) 2017 Margaret Richardson
Great White Egret (c) 2017 Nigel Kitchen
 Little Stint (c) 2017 Nigel Kitchen
Little Stint [MJF]
 Little Grebe
 Great Crested Grebe

Female Migrant Hawker
 Chocolate Fountain - am
 Chocolate Fountain - pm
 The weather was supposed to be too wet for Wednesday's location, so we switched to Tophill Low.  In the dark conditions photo opportunities were few and far between.
 Pochard (c) 2017 Aileen Urquhart
 Common Darter
 Cormorants (c) 2017 Aileen Urquhart
 Goldfinch (c) 2017 Aileen Urquhart
 Verdigris Toadstool Pochard (c) 2017 Aileen Urquhart
On Tuesday we were able to stick with the original plan and visit Ness End Farm.  It was quite windy, so the best insects were found in really sheltered areas.  The birds were mostly under cover, although some Pink-footed Geese were flying a little lower down than is their wont.
Pink-footed Geese
 Red Admiral
 Male Migrant Hawker
 Common Darter

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Conehead54 said...

Some wonderful shots there! Agree about the Little Stint ID. Both hawkers are Migrant Hawkers; the browner one being a female, the brighter, a male.