Sunday, 14 May 2017

Nightingale Special - Waiting for Big Mouth!

After a long wait
Last Monday's cold grey weather was far from ideal.  However, when I turned a corner to the best area at about 7.20am, there was a Nightingale, sat with its tail cocked & its back to me - not singing!  It was very approachable, and stayed there for 10 minutes before dropping down to feed in the thick vegetation.
The 7.30am view, silent but bold
By the time the class arrived after I had made 2 circuits of the lake , it was clear that sightings of Nightingales were down, and there seemed to be only one bird in the area.  I'm not sure if the weather is the main reason sightings are down, but I found out much later that dogs on very long leads caused problems with nesting birds last year, and now a warden is monitoring viewings.  Another pressure are the birdwatchers staying too long in one area.  Luckily, my group kept on the move after a few minutes, so any disturbance was kept to a minimum.

We saw a few birds on our circuit including some recently-arrived and quite obliging Garden Warblers.  Other, non-Nightingale species photographed on Monday are included at the end of the post.
 Singing Nightingale (c) 2017 Jane Robinson
 Nightingale [MJF]
 Singing Nightingale (c) 2017 Maggie Bruce
 Open Wide (c) 2017 Jane Robinson
 Again [MJF]
 Taking a Break (c) 2017 Jane Robinson
 Different Colour - different photo processing [MJF]

Back View [MJF]
Bullfinch (c) 2017 Maggie Bruce
 Bullfinch (c) 2017 Jane Robinson
 Oystercatcher and Black-headed Gulls (c) 2017 
 Garden Warbler [MJF]
 Singing Garden Warbler (c) 2017 Jane Robinson
 Robin (c) 2017 Jane Robinson
 Blue-tailed Damselfly
 Cardinal Beetle

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