Wednesday, 14 December 2016

New Year Resolutions


I resolve that the new winter term will begin on 10th January 2017.

I resolve we will visit 10 different venues chosen to encounter a wide range of species.

I resolve that the first Tuesday class will have close encounters with Goosanders.
I resolve that the first Wednesday class will see a Smew.
Drake Smew (c) 2016 Vince Cowell 
I resolve that the first Thursday class will see a Pintail.
I resolve that the first Friday class will see a Purple Sandpiper
I resolve in the following weeks every student will encounter at least one Kingfisher, and hopefully more than one.

I resolve that if a reliable Hawfinch site turns up, we will drop everything to see them.
I resolve that if we have an invasion of Waxwings, we may even visit a supermarket to get a good view!
I resolve that if a Long-eared Owl can be viewed without disturbance, we will do our best to observe it
I resolve that if a Rough-legged Buzzard takes up residence, we will see if we can spot it
I resolve that we will enjoy views of Bramblings 
I resolve that those wishing to learn the difficult task of identifying birdsong will be given every opportunity of doing so, even a Nightingale:
Looking ahead to the Spring Course, I resolve we will visit 3 brand new reserves never visited by us before.

I resolve that will we hear the soothing purring of the sadly declining Turtle Dove, and perhaps even see one!

I resolve that we will go to venues favoured by Cuckoos, and try and spot one!

I resolve we will try and see my favourite family of colourful British birds including: 
a Redstart
(c) 2016 Maurice Gordon
a Wheatear:
a Whinchat 

 and even the less colourful, but beautiful songsters, Nightingales:

Later, in the year I resolve we will have more encounters with waders, including Bar-tailed Godwits:

In summary, I resolve that during the whole year we will see a wide-range of birds to please and delight everyone on the course.  In the summer we will also identify Butterflies, Dragonflies, Flowers and Moths.

So, if you are interested in joining the classes, or have a relative who would like to start wildlife watching with a group next year, please contact me on the details at the very top of this site.  Please note that there are most vacancies on a Wednesday afternoon, but if you prefer another day or time, please contact me.  It's always worth asking.

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