Sunday, 4 September 2016

Nearly Behind Bars

On 26th August a loud call of a Green Woodpecker rang out just behind the garden.  This would have been a new bird for the garden, and surrounding area, but after a careful search it was never heard again, despite a daily excursion to look for it.  There have been rumours of sightings in East Park in recent years, but in these parts it is a scarce bird, and East Park is a very busy place for this wary bird.  However, our cemetery is much quieter.

Then today a woman was going on her brisk morning walk, when she spotted it on a very thin, dead young tree.  I was informed, and decided to see if I could use my car as a hide to get closer to it.  I drove to the place where it has been seen with no luck until my passenger spotted it feeding on the ground.  At first glance it was obvious that it was an immature bird, with its streaky juvenile plumage being replaced by adult feathers.  It wasn't too far from the car, and as my passenger was closer, she had to attempt to take photographs, despite the fact that the only other photos she'd taken previously were with a box-brownie!  After a short time I drove past the bird, turned round and slowly approached again, so that I was nearer the bird.  I was able to take many photos over the next 10 minutes.  Luckily, no one was putting flowers on their relatives graves this morning.  As the car engine eventually started up again it once more flew into the thin dead tree, and we left it to feed it peace.

It's just a shame that the Woodpecker couldn't be taken without the fence of the prison behind it!

Juvenile Green Woodpecker

All remaining Green Woodpecker photos (c) 2017 Linda Flowers

 Immature White Wagtail?
 Young Common Lizard

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