Friday, 19 August 2016

Here's looking at You, Kid!

Yesterday afternoon a male Sparrowhawk popped in to the garden for a bath.  He didn't know that heavy rain was forecast today, and he would have unlimited water for the next 36 hours, or so!   He stayed for over 5 minutes, but was on the alert the whole time, looking for danger in every direction.   despite his vigilance, I was able to creep from the back of the room to almost to the front of the window, taking shots the whole time.  He appeared to have some brownish tail feathers in his tail, so he may not have been as mature as we originally suspected, but he was old enough to father a brood locally this year.
Despite looking through the double-glazing he hadn't spotted me
 Right profile
 Checking behind
 membrane coming over eyes for protection before a splash in the bath 
 Checking the rooftop
 Having a splash
White nape and back feathers, where outer feathers have been plucked off by thorns when chasing prey

 Thoroughly waterlogged

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