Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Raily Close Views in the Gloom

Because of the foul forecast we switched to Tophill Low.  The best birds were the Water Rails; one in North Marsh and two on South Marsh West.  The latter performed a strange dance round a reed, and then one indulged in an unusual swaying head movement.  2 Jays flew over the River Hull into D Woods in the morning, but were not relocated.  There were 2 drake and a female red-Crested Pochard on D Reservoir for both sessions.  There was a possible Yellow-Browed Warbler calling near Watton nature Reserve, but when we stopped to listen it failed to call again - the one which got away!
Water Rail (c) 2015 Tony Robinson
 Water Rail (c) 2015 Aileen Urquhart
 Robin (c) 2015 Tony Robinson
 Possibly lepiota hystrix?
Unidentified Fungi

Konik ponies
 Caterpillar of White Ermine?

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