Thursday, 24 September 2015

Banned by the BBC

When we arrived at the Blue Bell car park yesterday morning we found that part of the car park was out of bounds, because a drone was about to be launched from a grassy bank just east of the toilet block.  Apparently, I missed the maiden flight, but Lynn had managed to take a few pictures of the device both before it took flight, and when it was aloft.
All photos (c) 2015 Lynn Hall
Drone at Rest
 Close-up of Drone
 Drone above Sandy Beaches Caravan Park
Not long after I arrived another launch was about to be made.  The BBC man asked that none of us take any photos of the drone attempting to take off.  He also gave us a warning that as the drone was about to launch we had to be aware of where it was in case it malfunctioned and it behaved erratically and we had to take evasive action.   He was insistent it wouldn't malfunction, but he was obliged to give out the warning.  True to his word the drone did become airborne without incident and headed off along the coast in a southerly direction.

Apparently, the filming at Spurn was for a BBC 2 programme due to be aired early in the New Year which has the provisional title of "Sea Cities."  We await it's broadcast with interest.

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